Joss Allen Signature Pick

We are very proud to announce the new Joss Allen Signature Pick.
It was created to match Joss’s unique and jawdropping guitar skills. 
This is a pick that can compliment and stay the distance with his demanding and relentless playing style.
Based around a ToneBird 6 shape, the Joss Allen Signature is 2mm thick with a standard bevel. 
The front face features Joss’s distinctive distressed custom artwork.
Joss’s pick is available now in Stealth Black, Ivory and Abalone Blue, Orange, Green and Purple.

“I have always been a guitar player, switching & changing my picks for different needs. But ever since I have been playing Hawk, coming back to my Signature Pick is like coming home; it covers every need, every style. It’s pure unadulterated comfort”.