Alfred Potter Signature Pick

Get your hands on Alfred Potter’s signature pick. This lethal arrowhead is based on a Jazz III XL but with wider, pointier flanks
for superior stability in the hand, and grip holes to guarantee non-slip play. In 2mm thickness, the pick commands total authority over
the strings – not the other way around.
Alfred’s pick is available in Stealth Black, Flame Red, and White. Engraved “AP” logo on one side, and the Hawk logo on the other.

Alfred Potter Signature Pick

“Exquisite, rich tone and craftmanship. I’ll never want to go back to cheap, plastic picks after trying these. I use them when jamming, recording tracks, and shooting videos. I even keep one in the pocket of every jacket I own – I don’t want to be caught without one when out and about!”

-Alfred Potter

Alfred Potter is a solo instrumental progressive metal guitarist living in New Zealand. Inspired by guitarists Vinnie Moore, Michael Romeo, and Tony MacAlpine, among others, his playing brings together the best of their styles into making a sound that is uniquely his own.

In addition to publishing two albums (“Argonaut” and “Splendor of Sands”), he teaches extensively on YouTube, by correspondence, and has created a vast catalog of ebooks and tuition courses.