In the Beginning...

We started making guitar picks in 2013 born out of our passion for all things guitar. Our goal was to create the most beautiful looking plectrums, with amazing tonal properties.

We knew the pick was an essential extension of the player, something that connects them directly with their instrument. So we searched long and hard to find a material that could be the perfect solution; a material that would enhance the natural tone of the instrument and in doing so transfer and translate every nuance from the players hands into tone heaven.

Inspiration came from the past, from the golden era of picks. tortoise shell was widely used at that time because it had beautiful warm organic tone. But it came at a very high cost to the Hawksbill Turtle, which was nearly driven to extinction from the huge demand for tortoise shell.

So we found a man made material that would perform in the same way, but not be harmful to any animals. It’s called Casein or Erinoid in the UK. This old world plastic was invented to replace tortoise shell, and it has the same warm organic tone, combined with low string friction, allowing the pick to literally glide over the strings. Perfect for guitar and mandolin! 

The material is also biodegradable, so it’s much better for the environment than other plastic based picks.

Casein is difficult to work with and it takes a considerable amount of hand finishing to get to the required gauges and final finish. Each of our picks is individually hand made, sanded and polished to perfection.

We had to develop techniques and tools to work the material and in all we spent over a year experimenting and testing before we were able to start making our picks commercially.

Today we are a small artisan team handcrafting the best picks in the world, and we are based in the North West of the UK.