KJ Melgoza

Multi-Instrumentalist, Audio Engineer, Photographer/Videographer, and Youtuber KJ really knows what it means to grind when you love what you do! In recent years he has used the moniker Kjaris to release tutorials, demos, and refne his skills in all aspects of video and music production. In late 2016 he joined the gritty Swedish Metal band Ofensive Ground and immediately went into the studio to record their debut album ‘Nightmare King’. Currently working as a studio production assistant in Gothenburg with plans to release his own music in the coming future.

Music Abilities: Guitar as his main instrument with a wide range of vocal abilities. Excellent Guitar clinician/instructor. Private Guitar/Bass/Vocal/Keyboard/Recording teacher versed in many styles of music.

Audio Services: FOH, Tracking, Mixing/Mastering, Guitar/Bass Reamping, and MIDI sequencing for Drums/Orchestral/keyboards. Recording on projects as a session musician or technician based on availability.