Joss Allen

Joss started playing guitar when he was 11 years old after listening to James Hetfields guitar solo in nothing else matters, he wanted nothing more than to be able to play and sound like him.

Joss has had an amazing musical upbringing, his dad listening to bands such as Pearl Jam, Alice in chains and Soundgarden.

Joss sat in his room for hours and hours just playing and practising by himself.

After a few years of constantly practising people in the guitar world started to noticing his ability.

Joss was asked by the independent Guitar store The Guitar Amp And Keyboard Centre (GAK) to be the product demonstrator on their YouTube.

Going from a very small amount of subscribers to building a large following for himself on this specific channel.

Because of being on that Channel and building a buzz around his playing one of the biggest Guitar YouTube channels around took notice of this.

The mighty Andertons TV channel where joss currently works along side some other amazing guitar players including another Hawk Pick artist Rabea.

Now that he has reached the massive milestone of Andertons TV he has decided to start his own YouTube Channel Guitar Bros Demos.

Joss has only just started his solo journey and is excited to see what the future holds.

Watch this space.

YouTube : Guitar Bros Demos

YouTube : Andertons Tv

Facebook : Joss Allen Guitarist .

Instagram : joss_allen_