I would give them a 10 right across the board

I am very fussy about my choice of pick. Working hard to achieve maximum picking fluidity is something that I take very seriously.  There are many styles and brands of picks to choose from, and I have tried many of them over the years.  I have been on a mission to find a single pick that I can use for both acoustic and electric, for any style, in both studio and live applications. I am done searching now.
The Hawk Picks TB1 Extra Heavy 2mm with Right Bevel is my perfect pick. The weight and feel of the material is luxurious, the playabilty is surgical, and the tone is warm, yet clean and balanced. I have used one particular Hawk pick now for 3 weeks of practice, many lessons, and for 6 live concert performances.  There is currently no signs of wear on the pick at all.  Hawk picks demonstrate incredible durability, and they look fantastic too. For my particular technique, the “right bevel” option really helps to even out my alternate picking feel and tone.  If I had to score these picks for feel, tone, looks, weight, grip, etc… I would give them a 10 right across the board.