I have finished my search for guitar picks!

Guitar picks can be the most basic part of a guitar players rig, I’ve always found it to be one of the most important.

I have changed picks too many times to count, but when Rob sent me one of his picks I made my mind up instantly that I needed to work with him.

When you do what I do and play all kinds of guitars everyday, shoot different styles of video demonstrations daily, I found myself picking up different picks to do different jobs.

But ever since Rob sent me HAWK picks I have come to realise I haven’t changed ONCE!

Due to Robs attention to detail and making the picks exactly the way you want them, it makes you feel like you have your own signature picks.

I can say that I one hundred percent endorse Hawk Picks.

I have finished my search for guitar picks!

Rob is the dude and gets what I’m looking for.

Thanks Rob