Mark Thompson – I’ll be a die-hard user from now on

I was sceptical at first but when I spent some time with my Hawk Pick of choice (TB4) I knew right then, I was hooked. I look at the picks this way, you always get what you pay for and a Rolls Royce plectrum is what you have in your hands.

The right bevel and material make for a really smooth glide into the strings and warm attack that is irreplaceable plus they feel really nice in your hands.

There is enough friction on the strings for the pick strokes to come through, as you would want, without annoying clicks and chirps, but also its slides enough to make easy rhythm and sweep picking effortless.

As I’ve matured with music styles I’ve found my hunt for tones has led me to the Hawk pick and I’ll be a die-hard user from now on.

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