Andrew Davidson

I only wish that I had found Hawk Picks earlier, as a mandolin player, over the years, I have tried many types, thicknesses, materials and shapes of picks with variable success, irrespective of price.

I have a box full of discarded picks.
Being left handed, initially I went to Hawk to see if left handed bevels would make a difference to the pick.
I purchased a Tonebird 10, which is rounded and gives a mellow tone that suits songs and airs. Then I got a Tonebird 2 that gave a bright ringing tone for jigs and reels. The left handed bevels did made a big difference and the pick glided over the strings with little pick noise.

Rob has now made me a bespoke round pick which is now my go-to pick of choice, nice tone, and very low pick noise.

I have got to say Hawk Picks are simply the best – I love the look and feel of them and Rob provide excellent customer service and the cost is what you would expect to pay for a quality product.