Steve Marsden

Steve’s been working in the music industry as a session guitar-player for over a decade! After an early breakthrough with the band, No Hope In New Jersey, who released their debut album in 2005 on Atlantic Records, Steve’s spent many years performing as a live-musician for various artists throughout the UK and Europe!

Steve’s versatility as a guitar-player and musician has enabled him to work across a variety of musical genres – recent live work includes: Jesca Hoop (Sub-Pop) (Glastonbury 2017, Underneath The Stars Festival 2017) and JP Cooper (Island Records) (KOKO, Shepherd’s Bush).

Since 2013, Steve’s worked with singer-songwriter Josephine (Solar Management) as her touring guitar-player. Live-work has included support-tours with Brit Award winner Paloma Faith and Ryan Sheridan, festival performances at South-by-Southwest, Glastonbury, T-In-The-Park and HIFA, Zimbabwe; plus headline shows throughout the UK, Europe and the USA!

Other artists and producers Steve’s worked for include: Kate Jackson (Long Blondes), Chris Sheldon (Producer – Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro), Fraser Smith and Grammy-Nominated remix team Love To Infinity (Notting Hill Music).

In addition to live and studio work, Steve’s also a songwriter, composer and producer who’s written music for DJ’s, singer-songwriters and production studios.

Steve’s worked on recording sessions for remixers, songwriters and development artists, and continues to do sessions on a regular basis. During this time Steve’s encountered situations where his recording experience is key to creating exciting and appropriate guitar-parts, and is able to offer a variety of options when it comes to recording guitars for your latest project!

For example, if you’re a music producer working in a studio then Steve can come to your recording space and record the guitar-parts you need…

Alternatively, if you’re a DJ-producer, a composer working on a soundtrack or a songwriter producing music ‘in the box’, then Steve can record guitar-tracks remotely and deliver the audio online for you to drop back into your recording project.


Photo Credit: Dara Munnis