Quinton Lucion

Quinton is a self taught guitarist with over 20 years of playing experience. He began playing the guitar aged ten after being introduced to Black Sabbath’s Masters of Reality via his cousin. 

By the time he was 21 years old Quinton had gathered notable touring experience under his belt, having played on bills supporting bands such as Testament, Evile, Sikth, Stampin Ground, Akercocke, Skindred and The Haunted to name a few. 

After a long hiatus from music and the metal scene, Quinton eventually rediscovered his love for guitar and in 2017 launched Quinton’s Guitar Corner. A guitar channel found across all the main social media platforms that is focused on delivering product demos, lesson concepts and covers.

Quinton is now one of the lead guitarists in UK metal 8 string specialists Red Method. The band have a new album in the pipeline that has Scott Atkins (Cradle of Filth) at the helm . Their debut album promises to be extremely punishing and full of heavy grooves and is due to drop soon.

(Photos by Pasquale Vaira)

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