Caring For Your Hawk Pick

Hawk picks are made from a material that has very similar properties to real Hawksbill turtle shell. As well as closely matching the tone of real tortoise shell, it’s hygroscopic so absorbs water.

It’s important to keep it away from washing machines or other sources of moisture as an adventure in one of these will most certainly ruin your treasured Hawk pick.

Like real tortoiseshell picks, when your pick has been used for long periods of time it will tend to start to follow the shape of your grip.
Simply flip it over to even out the shape.


Do wipe your Hawk Pick down after use
Do keep your Pick in a safe place like your guitar case
Do rotate it regularly to even out play wear


Dont’ keep your Hawk Pick in your jeans pocket
Don’t flex your Pick as it is possible to snap it with force
Don’t put it in a washing machine or beer!