Fredrik Pihl

Fredrik is a rock/fusion guitar player living in the south of Sweden. He works as a solo artist, session player, clinician and guitar teacher.

Fredrik got interested in the guitar after watching a Guns N’ Roses live concert on Swedish television. A couple of days later his parents bought him his first electric guitar. The rest is history…

In 2011 Fredrik released his debut solo album “Silhouettes” which, according to many critics, was an innovative style of instrumental guitar music. It was followed up in 2017 by his second solo album entitled “Static Alteration”.

During his time as a guitar player, Fredrik has played and worked with some well-renowned musicians such as: Ron “Bumblefoot Thal (ex. Guns N’ Roses), Mattias IA Eklundh, Brett Garsed, Dave Martone, Lalle Larsson etc. 

His music and work has been mentioned on numerous websites and international magazines e.g Guitar Player Magazine, Guitar Ink, Sweden Rock Magazine, Gitar Plus, Shred Academy, Axe Magazine etc.

He is also part of the Swedish rock-cover band The Rockoutz. They play shows all over Sweden on a regular basis. He is also part of the musical project In Focuz alongside fellow guitar player Christian Johansson.