What are Hawk Picks made from?

All our Picks are made from a material that\’s very similar to real turtle shell. Essentially it\’s a milk protein that is a by-product from the dairy industry. This gives it great tonal properties and a warm organic feel; so it’s perfect for making our picks. No animals are harmed or endangered in any process that creates our pick material or our picks.

Are your picks biodegradeable?

Absolutely yes they are biodegradeable. Our picks are much kinder to the environment than manufacturers that use oil based materials to make their picks.
Our picks are biodegradable in compliance with ISO14855-1 2012.

How do you make the Picks?

Each pick is individually hand made. It takes a lot of time and effort to lovingly create each one, and we are rightly proud of the care that goes into this.

What gauges do your picks come in?

We hand make all our picks and its impossible to hone our material to an exact thickness every time, but we aim to get very close. For 1.2mm the range is 1.2mm – 1.35mm, for our 1.6mm picks its 1.55mm – 1.65mm,  for 2mm it\’s 1.95mm – 2.05mm, and for 3mm it\’s 2.95mm – 3.05mm.

Can I use Hawk Picks with my mandolin

Absolutely yes – they are perfect for mandolin playing, with great tone and low pick click they are very popular mando picks.

Why is the pattern on the picks never the same?

Our picks are made from a beautiful but always randomly patterned material. That makes each and every pick we make unique. The photographs you see on the website are indications of the colours and styles available. Like a fingerprint- each one is totally individual. The pick you receive will be a unique product, each one different to the next but always a beautiful, quality Hawk product.

We currently offer tortoiseshell, ivory, blue, green, purple and orange abalone colours.

What payment options do you offer?

At the moment we use Pay Pal for payments through the store. However we understand that this is not always convenient, or offered as an option in some countries. So we also offer payment via other merchants. For more information please email us: info@hawkpicks.co.uk

What shipping options do you offer?

For UK orders we ship 1st Class  or 1st Class Signed. For Europe and International we ship either standard economy or tracked with signature on delivery. Please note some countries only offer a signed for service. If you want a custom delivery method please ask as we always try to help.

How long will it take to get my picks?

We hand make each pick to order so we can\’t offer a next day service. We do endeavour to process orders as quickly as possible and aim to dispatch at the latest, 10 business days after we receive the order. However we cannot guarantee this and your order may take a little longer depending on how busy we are. If you want to know the status of your order please just get in touch at info@hawkpicks.co.uk

Can I order my pick with custom bevels?

Yes we offer three types of bevel; right hand, left hand and standard.
We have a handy video to help you decide which one suits your playing style and when you select a pick in the shop section all the bevel options are available.

Which Hawk Pick matches my regular Pick?

The easiest way is to measure your regular pick\’s dimensions and then look on our website to see which is closest to your current favourite – each of our picks has it\’s measurements listed. Some of the more familiar shapes of our No1, No3, No.4 & No.5 picks are pretty much standard dimensions. Each pick is correctly sized relative to each other so you can be sure that you are choosing the correct pick.

Do you offer picks with grip holes?

Due to popular demand we now offer some of our picks with grip holes. We offer grips on our 1.6mm and 2mm picks.

Will my pick last forever?

Sorry no – it’s a consumable and will be subject to wear and tear. But the good news is that it’s a pretty hard wearing material if looked after properly.

Can I re-shape the pick myself?

Yes it’s quite easy using a file and sandpaper. We hope to offer a purpose made kit soon so it will be even easier to shape your pick yourself.

Do you offer custom engraving?

Yes we can do custom engraving. Please just get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.

Do you offer custom shapes?

Yes we love making custom shapes. Just get in touch to chat through.

Can I put my pick in the washing machine?

No! This is a surefire way to kill your pick. Keep away from liquids at all times.

Can I bend my Hawk Pick?

We do not recommend bending our picks. They have a certain amount of flex but will snap if too much pressure is put on them. Normal playing will not harm the picks and it’s very unlikely to break through normal use.

Can I put my pick in my jeans pocket?

Keeping your pick in your pocket can damage it especially if there are other objects present like coins and keys. Always store in a safe place like your guitar case.

Do your picks come in any other colours?

We currently offer tortoiseshell, ivory and abalone green and blue colours. We plan on introducing more colours soon.

Can I return a pick if I don’t like it?

Unfortunately we do not accept returns on picks.