David Beebee


I\’ve been a fussy plectrum guy for as long as I can remember, I’ve even had the same worn out wallet for 13 years just because it has an old fashioned pound coin pouch that perfectly fits a jazz IIIXL! (Now housing custom TB4 😉 )

It\’s seems strange that as I became more and more comfortable playing legato, the search for the right pick became even more important. That restless search came to a squawking halt with Rob over at Hawk. These picks feel incredible, and the material creates a superb tone that doesn\’t stand out when hybrid picking. I\’m able to transition from picked notes to brushed middle finger notes without a huge change in tone. Super smooth.

I\’ve been using Hawk picks for a while now (amazingly without losing any yet) and it just feels horrible if I forget my trusty, crusty wallet and am forced to use anything else! \\m/

David is a professional rock and jazz guitarist based in Leeds, UK.

Along with teaching and gigging, David demonstrates as a Fibenare Guitars artist and co-hosts “The Guitar Hour”, a youtube show/podcast with Tom Quayle, Dan Smith and Dave Brons.

David also produces video tutorials and guitar lessons, helping rock and blues players get into jazz and fusion, over at his website: www.davidbeebee.com